To Do Tuesday – Megan’s Hero

Welcome to To Do Tuesday where I tell you about something I have recently crossed off my “To Do” List.

To Do: Read a book for FUN

I enjoy reading but I often find myself turning to the internet or some form of media to wind down my day. Why read the book, when you can watch the movie? Because books are just plain FUN! So, believe it or not, I actually have to add things like reading a book to my To Do list. This time, I randomly picked up a fictional book from our church library called Megan’s Hero.

Megan’s Hero is set in Texas and follows a woman named Megan who is down on her luck, pregnant, and not married…..enter handsome cowboy hero. Overall, it is a FUN read when you want to escape from reality. The cowboy hero character felt a bit like a cardboard man to me. He basically said all the right things at the right times, was always ready to supply her every need, and even enjoyed shopping for baby items….SERIOUSLY?!?!? I realize some guys may enjoy that type of thing, but that was a bit over the top for me. Most guys I know only shop when they need to or are required to go. Also, the build up of their budding romance throughout the book comes to a bit of an abrupt end. It almost felt like the publisher said “OK you have one more chapter, wrap it all up”.

Despite my negative comments, I actually did enjoy the book, and would be willing to read one of the other books in the set surrounding that same family of characters. I definitely wouldn’t recommend running out to buy it immediately, but I would recommend it as a fun book to read on vacation while you are sitting on your beach chair relaxing. On a scale if 1 to 5, I would say Megan’s Hero was about a 3.

Back to my list to figure out what To Do next.


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