To Do Tuesday: Local Fair

Welcome to To Do Tuesday where I tell you about something I have recently crossed off my “To Do” List.

To Do: Take kids to the local Fair

For me summer isn’t quite summer without going to a local fair. The thrill of the rides, indulging in the overpriced, overly processed, yet yummy food, and perhaps even entering a craft or baked good to try to win a ribbon. When I was a kid I didn’t win very often, but the experience did help build my character…well that’s what I tell myself.

Now we take our kids, and I have learned a money saving tip I want to share. One year I was curious, so I found out the name of the amusement company that supplies the rides. I Googled them and they had coupons on their website! This year they have a $2 off coupon on the unlimited ride wrist band, and they also had a picture that kids under a certain age can color for one free ride. I suppose, my point is, if you are planning to go to a local fair and have a few minutes to do some Googling, it may be worth it. I honestly never would have guessed an amusement company would do coupons, but I’m glad they do. It saved us some money.

We had a wonderful time, summer will be complete for us this year, and I can cross it off our To Do list till next summer. Plus, the kiddos even won some ribbons.


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