No Need to Refridgerate

Perhaps you all already know, but I recently ran across a list of foods you don’t need to refrigerate. I have several of these things in my fridge right now. Like pickles, coffee, ketsup, hot sauce, and bread. Think how much more room I could have in my fridge! The problem is finding pantry space to store them. Plus I’m so stuck in my ways I would probably go to the wrong place for months before I consistantly remembered where the items were. Of course I’m obviously just comming up with excuses to keep my current habits and resist change.

I didnt always store bread in the fridge. When my husband and I were first married we lived in a town house and the bread would ALWAYS get moldy in a couple days. So we stored it in the fridge to prevent it and we have kept it there ever since.

What do you keep in your fridge that you don’t need to? Do you have any tips to help me break out of my habit and restore my bread to its rightful place (wherever that may be)?


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