To Do Tuesday – Vegetable Garden


Welcome to To Do Tuesday where I tell you about something I have recently crossed off my “To Do” List.

To Do: Vegetable Garden

All spring summer the vegetable garden has been on my To Do List in various forms. Planting certain crops, watering, weeding, and harvesting. My garden is starting to wind down. I still have a few green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and a super small crop of fall carrots left in the garden. Even after I do my final harvesting for this year, I will still need to prepare the garden for next year by putting some manure on it. So I won’t be able to cross this one off my To Do list quite yet. However, as I sit here with the garden winding down I wanted to reflect on all of the work we put into it this year and how we were blessed by its fruitfulness both with fresh eating and with what we have stored for the winter.

We ate lettuce, snap peas, onions, green beans, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, and even a few cucumbers fresh. For winter we were able to store 6 quarts of onion already chopped, 3 quarts of green pepper chopped, 25 quarts of green beans, 15 quarts of tomato sauce, and 5 quarts of pickles. Hopefully we will have a bit more tomato sauce and green pepper in the next week or so. This may not sound like a lot to some of you seasoned gardeners, but we were happy with what we got out of the garden this year. It probably won’t last us till next gardening season, but it will save some money and will give us that fresh sunny taste of the summer garden on a cold winter day.

Lots of little To Do items done but a few more still To Do until I can cross Vegetable Garden off my To Do List…..well until next spring. 😉

Did you have a vegetable garden this year? What did you grow?


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