Product Review – Dove Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Beautiful plump blueberries covered in rich silky dark chocolate….sounds good! I’d try that, and I did. Chocolate is one of my most favorite things, so I would try almost anying covered in chocolate. Not chocolate covered bugs though! A girl has to draw the line somewhere.  😉


Anyway, Dove chocolate covered blueberries were what I tried. I saw them in the store and thought “real” blueberries…that’s practically a serving of fruit! Well not really, but it is nice to dream.

I opened the bag.


It looked good so far….well if you don’t look at all that empty air space in the top. Then I tasted them. They were good! Not amazing and I must buy them again good. I would be willing to buy them again sometime, but I’m not in love. The nice thing was, with the dark chocolate I tend to eat less than with a milk chocolate product. So I had my chocolate fix with fewer calories and some fruit too. 😉 That is a win in my book!

I was not paid or compensated for this post in any way. All of the opinions are strictly my opinions and do not reflect upon any other person or company.0819152039b


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