To Do Tuesday – Ice Cream Cake

Welcome to To Do Tuesday where I tell you about something I have recently crossed off my “To Do” List.

To Do: Ice Cream Cake

For a couple of years now I have been saving various Ice Cream Cake recipes with the hopes of making one. It always seemed like they couldn’t be too hard to make and they seem pricey to buy. So, for a recent get together I finally got to cross “try making an ice cream cake” off of my To Do List!

I thought about the type with the ice cream sandwich base, but somehow that didn’t quite appeal to my traditionalist tendencies. Although, I have tasted those before and found them to be quite yummy. So I based my creation off of one from Brown Eyed Baker. By the way, if you havent been on her blog, check it out. I’ve gotten several yummy recipes from it!


I wanted to do chocolate and peanut butter cake and I needed a big one so I started out with a 9×13 pan. I lightly oiled the pan, put in store-bought chocolate ice cream, and stuck it in the freezer to firm up for about half an hour. While waiting I warmed up some hot fudge so it would be spreadable, unwrapped peanut butter cups and had one of my kids cut them up into chunks. When I put on the hot fudge, it melted down into the chocolate ice cream a bit, but that was fine with me.

Base chocolate layer with hot fudge and chopped pb cups

Base chocolate layer with hot fudge and chopped pb cups

Back into the freezer it went. It stayed in longer this time. I was busy and I wanted that hot fudge to cool off. Later I put on the next layer. It was homemade peanut butter ice cream. It was SO yummy! Have you ever noticed in the store that plain pb ice cream is close to impossible to find? It has all sorts of nuts, fudge, or candy added….all great but not what I was looking for. I’ve made my own ice cream before so it wasn’t that big a deal to make up a batch. After that layer was on, once again back into the freezer! While it was in there I whipped a little heavy cream (about a cup) with a bit of vanilla and sugar. With that and the peanuts a kiddo crushed up for me I was all ready to decorate the top.

Starting to decorate

Starting to decorate

I put the whipped cream into a piping bag and started. I wanted to do a fairly simple design. I’m not a super talented decorator, but if I stick to a super simpler design, I’m usually happy with the outcome. I did two rows of whipped cream peaks around the outside and then put it back in the freezer so those peeks would firm up. I was nervous I would accidentally smash one of them. The next step was to sprinkle the crushed peanuts around in a ring just inside of the whipped cream peaks. I left the center empty of nuts on purpose…just in case there was a person who didn’t want nuts. To finish it off, I had been thinking about doing a chocolate syrup drizzle on top, but I was running low on time so I opted to dust a little chocolate cookie crumb over the whipped cream peaks instead. It wasn’t the cheapest cake to make, but it was definitely less expensive than buying one and the custom flavor was amazing. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.

The finished cake

The finished cake


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