Preschool Phonics Learning Game


This is Hopkins. I made him for a preschool group to help them learn letter sounds. If you can’t tell, he is supposed to look like a frog. I made him out of a shoebox, some paper, and some green paint. I spend a out half an hour making him from supplies I had on hand so Hopkins was basically free. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t take pictures while making him to share with all of you….sorry.

Here is a short recap of how I made him. I took the papers from inside the shoe box, balled them up and masking taped them on top to form the bumps up for the eyes. Next I covered him all over with brown packing paper. Then painted him bright green. While it dried, I used construction paper to cut out legs, spots, and a tongue. Regular white paper and a Sharpie formed the eyes. A little glue, and Hopkins was complete.

Next I printed off some bug clip art (I only had a free bee picture, a fly would probably have been better). Our printer is black and white so that gave me the opportunity to add some fun colors by hand. I laminated the sheets and then cut them out. This allows me to write letters on the back of the bugs with a dry erase marker.


 So, how do you play? Well, Hopkins, of course, eats bugs but he is a bit picky and will only eat bugs that make a certain sound that day. So the kids pull bugs out of a bag, figure out what letter they have and what sound it makes. Then they either feed Hopkins or discard the bug in another box.

So far the preschoolers have seemed to really enjoy it, and the learning possibilities are endless with this. I can even see using it with kindergarteners or first graders. It could be used for learning numbers, sight words, even basic addition problems or having Hopkins eat words that are the specific part of sentence like verbs.

This is a ToDoLady original pattern. Please feel free to copy this idea, however, I am not liable for any accidents or issues you may encounter while engaging in this activity. 


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