Pumpkin Mush – A Simple How To


My house smells like pumpkin. Why? You ask. Well, I’m roasting some pumpkins to make pumpkin mush for pumpkin bread.

A lot of you probably know how to do it already, but for those of you who don’t, here are my basic steps. First I wash and cut open the pumpkin.


Then scoop out all the goop and seeds (keeping the seeds to roast later).

Next, I put the pumpkins in a pan (cut side down) with some water and roast them in the oven on 350 for a couple hours until soft. I usually check for softness by poking them with a fork.


After Roasting

When cooled, peel off the skin to discard, cut pumpkin chunks to put in a bowl, mush it up, and then measure out enough mush for your recipe. If there is extra mush you can freeze it to make something later. Here is a tip: I always pre-measure the mush before I freeze it and write the amount on the bag. Then I can freeze it in the amounts I need for my recipes so when I thaw a bag I wont have too much or too little.

It is so easy to do, and a great way to show kids an example of where food comes from. Plus if you grow your own pumpkins, it is WAY less expensive then the canned pumpkin at the stores.

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