Dried Tomatoes


I had my new Dehydrator out again. This time it was for an experiment with tomatoes. I have never tried to dry my own before, but I do occasionally buy sun dried tomatoes for a creamy sun dried tomato, rosemary, chicken, and noodle recipe I have and love.

So, I put some in the dehydrator on 140 and let it run over night. Then, instead of putting them in a ziplock in the fridge or vacuums sealing (I don’t have a vacuums sealer), I put them in a canning jar and covered them with my favorite Olive oil. I’m told that will preserve them for a long time right on the shelf.


I think the jar looks really pretty. The tomatoes kept such a vibrant red color. I once again forgot to take pictures along the way…sorry!


After doing the tomatoes, I started in on one last batch of rosemary. Now I just need to add the sun dried tomato and rosemary recipe to my monthly menu plan. Then I can see if my tomato drying experiment is a success.

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