Inside Activities for Kids

Recently we had a week of cool wet weather and the kids were inside more that usual. I couldnt wait to send them back outside to run, jump, scream, and tackle. This made my thoughts turn to winter and how much time we spend inside during winter months. So, I decided I need to start thinking and prepare now for activities to break up the monotany especially for the younger pre-reading ages.


One of my “go to” activities is a tub of beans. I usually have some on hand in my pantry so it is simple to do. I put beans into a big Tupperware like tub and hand the kids an old plastic set of measuring spoons and cups. Sometimes we even have a dumptruck or two join in the fun. Depending on the kid or number of kids and their interest, I have had this activity last anywhere from 20 min to several hours. Preschoolers love it, and I have even had a second grader that loved it too.

My tip: Even though I tell them to keep the beans in the tub, it really isnt realistic that they will. So before I set the tub down, I spread out a clean blanket or sheet. Then when it is time to clean up, I can just gather up the corners and get all the stray beans into one spot. This activity would also work with rice or dried field corn.

Do you have a simple “go to” winter activity for kids? I’d love to hear your ideas!!! Afterall, I did just add collecting winter indoor activity ideas and supplies onto my To Do List.

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